our story

What started as a small hobby of building custom interior dog kennels for locals around Minneapolis and St. Paul has now turned into one of the fastest growing custom woodshops in Minnesota. 

We wanted to fix the problem of those ugly wire kennels that most folks hide when company comes over. Why not take the elephant in the room and turn it in to the focal point? Our customers loved their final product and began a demand for other custom pieces - tables, sliding doors, feature walls, and so much more.

As our business has grown over the years, we began gaining traction from small businesses, interior designers, and architects around Minneapolis and St. Paul. We love what we do and it shows in our work. 

Wilson takes an artistic approach in every piece that we design and build. We hand select each component that goes into our builds to ensure that each finished piece is unique and rich in character.

We look forward to designing and building that perfect piece that is missing in your home or business.

Our Values

Think. This is 90% of the job.

Ask. Always be learning.

Get inspired. Create something you're proud of .

Collaborate. Big things can’t be done alone.

Create. Don’t fall in love with your creation. 

Our Team

We are a perfect collaboration of skilled builders, designers and customer support specialists. As a small business, we operate with a personal touch to make your custom-build simple, exciting, and personal. 

Our goal is to grow but to also maintain our personal touch with our work and our clients. We will continue to approach each project with the attention that it deserves. 

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Wilson Customs was founded by Jonathan Wilson. Jonathan grew up in a small farm town in Central Illinois. Working closely with his grandfather in his woodshop, a burning passion of creating a vision and bringing it to fruition set in. 

Jonathan has lived in Twin Cities for close to a decade. Having a lack of space, woodworking was only a hobby for many years. After selling his first company, Wilson Customs was born.

Jonathan currently lives in St. Paul. He has two Mini Australian Shepherds, Benson and Murphy. The 'Wilson Boys' are the inspiration behind the custom dog kennels, and what has now expanded into a fully-custom woodshop. 

our founder

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