We design for you! Being  a fully custom furniture company, we design with your style in mind.


From conceptual design to the tightening of the last hinge, our passion shows in the relationships we develop with our clients and in the details of our work.

our approach

1. Discovery

Before we get the project off the ground, it’s important to establish your vision. Together we will gather inspiration, discuss materials and finishes, check out details like drawer & door pulls, and lay the groundwork for function and utility. The goal here is to take a blank canvas and scribble all over it. This is when we become friends!

2. Design

Next up: conceptual drawing and development phase. We will gather site dimensions, prepare renderings, and schedule design review meetings. We’ll create finish and detail samples to decide what works and what doesn't. This is a rinse and repeat process. We can scrap everything at a moment's notice and hit the drawing board again and again until we have zeroed in on every last design element.

3. Build

With final design renderings in hand, we will go into production of the project. We’ll create a working set of shop drawings from the renderings, source the materials, and let the sawdust fly. You are welcome to visit us in the shop and check out the project as it’s being built. 

4. Delivery

Once the dust has settled, it’ll be time to bring the truck around. The same hands that cut each piece of wood will be the ones carefully packing, unloading, and installing. Witnessing a project realize its destiny on-site is the most satisfying phase of the process. Our team will treat your home with dignity and respect, leaving it more beautiful than when we arrived.