At WILSON, we take a personalized approach to each and every project. We work with our clients, within their budgets, to create a tailor-made piece for their home or business. 


We have a team of customer support, designers and skilled craftsman to bring your project from an idea to a unique and finished piece. See our process below.




Whether you give us call, fill out a contact form, or reach out through our social media platforms, we will have someone readily available to discuss your project.

Here we discuss your project. We will go over your budget for the project, the overall design idea and our current timeline. 

Once we establish a budget, a 50% deposit will put your project in line. To be fair to our clients and with the large quantities of inquiries, we take projects on first paid, first served basis.

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We understand beginning a custom furniture process can be intimidating. We take all of the guess work out of the design for your. 

Upon making a deposit, we then turn over your project to our design team. With your budget in mind, our designers will take into account your necessities, wish list and timeline when designing your perfect piece. 

Digital renderings are delivered to you in less than one week for your review. Here, you can make choose color options, make revisions and take advantage of some additional upgrades. Once you give us the green light, we then move to production.





It's time to bring your project to life! 

Our craftsman will take your design and put it to motion. Each project is handled by a single builder and finisher. They work hand in hand to complete your kennel in a quality fashion. 

After every project is completion, we complete a quality check to ensure accuracy of the build, all joints are strong, and any epoxy is cured prior to delivery.

Most builds take under two weeks. However, during the projected timeline, we are filling prior orders and will do our best to keep your project delivered on time.





Now that your project is close to completion, we will contact you to set up a pickup or delivery of your final piece.

Due to Covid-19, we take necessary precautions to ensure your final piece is safe for pickup or delivery. 




Lumber prices are on the rise. We are doing our best to ensure that we can produce high quality pieces and maintain fair and honest pricing. 

Every piece we make is handmade. Some projects take longer than anticipation due to complexity or hiccups. Occasionally, delays do happen.

We work in a variety of materials depending on requests and budgets. We typically use Pine or Poplar for more budget friendly projects and Cherry, Walnut and even exotic materials for more premium pieces. A majority of the price comes from the materials.