River tables, including live edge wood river tables, are one of the most desirable furniture pieces to adorn a stylish living room, dining room or office space. These statement pieces balance and ground home and office interiors while expressing creativity, originality, and ingenuity of the person or people living or working there. Resin river tables is one of the latest trends that fascinates homeowners, designers, and builders around the Twin Cities.

WILSON is your Minneapolis and St. Paul source for your new river table. We design and create river tables that will be the center art piece in your home or office. Our river tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and color combinations. We use the highest of quality when it comes to lumber to ensure you are purchasing  state-of-the-art piece.  








We hand select each wood slab that we use for your table. We carefully pick pieces to produce the highest quality tables. The slabs that we select range from Black Walnut, Maple, Ash, Cherry, Oak as well as luxury imported slabs such as French Mappa, Mahogany and more.

Before we can transform them into tables, the wood slabs dry under direct sunlight for more than a year. After this initial drying is complete, the wood slabs are then transferred to a special kiln system to continue drying for two months.


The slabs are then refined and prepared for the epoxy resin pouring process. Since no two tables are the same, we build custom pouring molds to accommodate your unique slab and desired composition.


We offer a variety of responsibly sourced mica powders to custom color and desired finish of your epoxy river. 

In order to obtain an error-free result in the epoxy, we heat and cool each layer in different degree sequences. This process continues for 14 days. For the next 7 days, the product is hand polished until the perfect results achieved.

Your table legs are also customized (sand-casted aluminum/iron-casted/wood/stainless steel) to complete your table. Finishes are also available in color static coated powder paint, including copper, bronze, and chrome.